Friday, May 26, 2006

"Office 12" BETA2 was released for public download earlier this week. I installed it earlier today, and haven't had any problems with it. I have to say that the user interface looks smooth! I especially liked the "SmartArt"-feature which enables you to create good-looking illustrations quickly.

Download it here:

2007 Microsoft Office system preview site:

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 Saturday, May 13, 2006

Last friday my team participated in the Nordic Imagine Cup Software Design final in Oslo. We competed againts a Finish and a Danish team. And we won! The Danish team got second place and the Finish team third place. The first price was a Qtek SmartPhone. Both the first and second place go to the worldwide finals in India, and all teams got a nice SQL Server 2005-jacket :-)

The days before the final were quite busy. We worked quite a bit on our presentation and on the demo we were going to show. The last night before the final we got some serious issues with a reluctant SmartPhone, so we stayed up almost all night, until 7 to get it working. Then it was a coulpe of hours of sleep and then straigt out to IT-Fornebu and Accenture's offices for the final.

Our team, "Team NTNU", consists of:
Jan-Kristian Markiewicz (
Gøran Hansen (
Jonas Follesø (
Hans Olav Norheim (me)

Check out the pictures from the final at J-K's Flickr account:

We have also got some publicity:
Teknisk Ukeblad -
Teknisk Ukeblad, PDF - - -

From the left: Gøran, Me, Jonas and Jan-Kristian
In front: Frode Kristensen from Microsoft Norway

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 Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Coding too much and sleeping too little is a setting I'm not too unfamiliar with. You know you should sleep a bit more and code a bit less when you have nightmares about debugging and are wondering what method of which class to call to shut off the wakeup alarm in the morning. I'm coding on a project with a few friends these days and came over some interesting code, probably caused by the setting above:

public string MyProp
   set {value = value; }

Hmm... useful property...

if (valueQueues[queueId].Count != null)
   return valueQueues[queueId].Dequeue();
   return null;

Hmmm.. Nullable types is an interesting thing, but I don't think this is the right setting to use them...

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